THE DIET – Days #5 #6 and #7

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For 3 days in a row my weight loss stalled right at 298.7 lbs.  So, I thought I would combine these 3 days together as there is only so much I can write about brown rice, bell pepers and almonds.  LOL!  As of this morning however I am back on track with my weight decline.  Here are a few bullet points:

  • I now weigh in at 297.4 lbs.
  • My cloths are fitting looser all around.
  • I actually have more energy all day long which is welcomed surprise… giving the lack of caffeine currently in my life.
  • The caffeine withdraw headaches I have been dealing with have completely vanished in the last 24 hours…  That was tougher to push through even more than the hunger.
  • I have been able to stay up later each day and am waking up earlier with no grogginess at all.  Just waking up ready to go.
  • My body is “wanting” to work out…  I see people jogging and think “I could do that”, but I plan to wait until the end of the 13 days to begin my work out schedule.  I will be adding chicken, fish and protien shakes into my food routine at that time.  Then I will start revisiting the gym.
  • Over all I feel fantastic…  This is by far the best day of the diet so far.

Looking forward to the future!


Here’s my lunch from yesterday:



THE DIET – Day#4

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Here’s the info at the end of day #4:

  • DATE: Sunday March 27, 2011
  • WEIGHT: 297.4 lbs. a total loss of 11.2 lbs.
  • ATE: Meals for today:
    • 9:00am – 16 oz of water
    • 10:30am – a small handful of carrots
    • 12:00pm – a small handful of almonds and unsalted cashews
    • 12:30pm – brown rice, kidney beans, olive oil cooked green, yellow and red bell peppers
    • 2:00pm – 8 oz of water
    • 4:00pm -half of a cantaloupe
    • 6:30pm – 8 oz of water
    • 7:30pm – red potatoes and fresh spinach – 16 oz of water
    • 9:00pm – low calorie popcorn – 16 oz of water
  • TRAIT: With an 11 pound loss already I am noticing my shirts are already beginning to fit me differently and a bit looser.  The last 3 days I have been battling some massive head aches as I went cold turkey off of caffeine.   Today the head ache has been pretty constant but much easier to deal with than the last couple of days.  my hope is that it will be even easier tomorrow.
  • FATE: “If you’re going through hell, keep going. “~ Winston Churchill
  • MATE: Beth has joined with me on this leg of the diet.  She will be eating with me every meal for the remaining 9 days.  I have been doing a good amount of the cooking the last couple of days but I’m sure we’ll share the load.

THE DIET – Day#3

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  • DATE: Saturday March 26, 2011
  • WEIGHT: 301.0 lbs A total loss of 6.8 lbs
  • ATE: Meals for today:
    • 9:00am 16 oz of water
    • 10:00pm  High Powered Phosphate Laxative (I’ll save you the details) and 32 oz of water
    • 12:00pm 1 can of chicken broth and 8 oz of water
    • 2:30pm My first meal in 3 days!!!
    • Baby spinach, mushrooms & brown rice
    • 8:30pm Large salad and steamed veggies
    • 10:45 16 oz of water
  • TRAIT: Serious constant head ache the last couple of days…  I suspect it is caffeine withdraw.  Quitting cold turkey is an adventure all its own.
  • FATE: I can do this!
  • MATE: Beth is starting tomorrow…  Looking forward.

THE DIET – Day #2

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Here’s the info at the end of day #2:

  • DATE: Friday March 25, 2011
  • WEIGHT: 302.8 lbs A loss of 5.8 lbs – I am certain that is water weight and I do not expect to loose 5 pounds a day LOL!
  • ATE: Meals for today:
    • 9:00am 16 oz of water
    • 11:30pm  2 cans of chicken broth and 16 oz of water
    • 5:00pm 1 can of chicken broth and 8 oz of water
    • 6:30pm 1 cup of V8 and 16 oz of water
    • 10:45pm 1 cup of V8
  • TRAIT: I’m a bit nauseous today and my head feels ‘fuzzy’ almost like my scalp is numb as if it has fallen sleep.  Had a head ache most of the day.  Hopefully that goes away tomorrow.
  • FATE: Tired…  But keep on keepin’ on.
  • MATE: Beth update…  she was having a rough go at the fasting part…  so tomorrow night she is going to pick back up with the food portion of the diet.

THE DIET – Day #1

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Here’s the info at the end of day #1:

  • DATE: Thursday March 24, 2011
  • WEIGHT: 308.6 lbs.
  • ATE: Meals for today:
    • 9:00am 16 oz of water
    • 12:30pm  2 cans of chicken broth and 16 oz of water
    • 6:00pm 1 can of chicken broth and 8 oz of water
    • 8:30pm 1 cup of V8 and 16 oz of water
  • TRAIT: As today is the first day the only noticeable difference is that I am HUNGRY!
  • FATE: Let’s do this thing!
  • MATE: Beth is hanging in there… She’s pretty hungry too but I suspect she’s going to pull through.

Im back!

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Hey Friends,

It has certainly been a long time.  My apologies for my absence but I plan to post here more often from now on.  Feel free to comment and keep in touch with all the ‘goings on’ with me, my family and BIGCHRISART.  Here is where I am starting today…

You’ll notice that my last entries were from December 2009.  I started a fast/diet  pulled right out of the bible and it was pretty awesome.  I lost more weight and had more energy in 13 days than I could have possibly imagined (you can read the last 3 posts below to get the full story).  I am beginning this morning on that very same journey.  The greatest difference this time around is that my best friend, my beautiful wife, is rocking this diet with me.  I will be posting daily progress following a simple template.  Feel free to join with us and post your results as well…  Here we go!

I will be filling out this template each evening for the next 13 days…  This time I will keep it short and sweet:

  • DATE: This will reflect the calendar date and how many days into the diet I am.
  • WEIGHT: My weight, body fat percentage & total loss.
  • ATE: This will be my daily meal plan…  I may take some pics as well.
  • TRAIT: Any noticeable physical difference today.
  • FATE: My plans for the future and some positive self motivating words.
  • MATE: This will be a quick update on Beth’s progress.

And that’s it…  I’ll just keep it short and simple.  I hope you enjoy following along.

Talk to you more this evening.



Life in the FAST lane…

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Good morning all…

As many of you know I have been on a fast/diet since Dec 2, 2009 beginning at 6:30pm.  As I started this endeavor I was 6’7” 307lbs and 35.4% body fat. The diet I am on is a modified version of the “Daniel Fast” recorded in the Bible (Daniel chapter 1).  I would highly recommend checking out the story of Daniel and his 3 buddies that joined together in an effort to not only improve their personal health and lives but the lives of those around them by their example.

I am now a full 10 days into my diet and am now 6’7” 289lbs and 32.0% body fat…  That is a weight loss of 18 pounds and 3.4% body fat.  Weight loss in general was not my #1 goal with this regimen but I certainly welcome my clothes fitting this loosely right around the holidays.   The main purpose of this undertaking was to prove to myself that my mind is stronger than my body.  Granted… There have been times through this fast that have been a struggle moment by moment.  I will share with you a couple of examples.

  • Every day for lunch I have prepared brown rice (for healthy carbs) and red beans (for high protein).  While preparing my lunch the other day in the break room a coworker of mine had brought in his left over half of a Philly Cheese Steak and place it near the microwave;  then he left the room for only a moment leaving me with his unattended sandwich.  I considered (for a full 30 seconds) right then and there just devouring the sandwich… Leaving $5 on the table… and running out of the room.  Literally.  I did not give in to the temptation but lure of it was a very real thing.
  • My teenage son recently purchased a side stash of Reses Peanut butter Cups…  There have been several times throughout the week that I have thought to myself…  “Just one, right?”  Again though, I have been strong.
  • We were invited to the Vegas strip the other night for steaks…  I again was able to politely and respectfully pass.
  • Just this morning at my Men’s Bible study group brother Bill’s opening prayer thanked God by saying that “we RELISH the opportunity to come together” and all I could think about for the next 5 minutes was “relish” and all of the wonderful things I could put it on with a bit of ketchup and mustard as well.

This last 10 days has been an internal battle between my mind and my stomach and so far my mind is proving to be the superior warrior.  I will conclude this diet on Tuesday December 15th but will carry into my daily eating habits the principles and disciplines I have learned through this fast.  Thanks for checking back in…  Till next time.

-Medium sized CHRIS-